Thursday, May 26, 2011

26/5 Dinner is served!

Hello again wonderful people!

This day I've got something special, as a little "sorry" for being lazy and not posting ;o

I promised my brother to buy him a Big mac a looong time ago, thing is, I promised him a Big mac.. Mixed.
So here we go!
A Big mac : D
Doesn't it just look too tasty!
Things are just getting better and better!
Isn't he the most lucky little-brother in the whole world?
I even let him drink his burger in his fave "Douchebag" glass!

Haha ^^
Tomorrows post'll show if he actually will drink it or not ;o


Monday, May 23, 2011

23/5 Time to get up!

Oh hai!

It's still morning for me and I'm eating breakfast as I write haha
Really took some time and effort into making this lovely sandwhich :P Thought I should share it with you aswell

You gotta admit that a sandwhich like this can save the whole day haha, with the apricot marmelade on top, hoho

Oh well, in a while I'm going to go meet a friend, might drink some tea and yum on a cookie. And after that it's work time for me.

I'm getting used to the sun now by the way :P


Sunday, May 22, 2011

22/5 Need moar salt

Oh hai
Today I've been cleaning cat litter, moving computers and playing even more bass!
I can't remember what I did yesterday nor can I remember why I didn't post anything then ._. Oh well!

I'm eating tiny and wonderfully salt chips at the moment and I can honestly say that it feels like an addiction finally calming down.
I've been thinking that every piece of food I've eaten the last three days have had less salt than it should have : <
But now it's all fine! Yep!

Oh and the sun's shining, hurts my eyes :<


Friday, May 20, 2011

21/5 Help me dear sleep

Who wakes up at 7.15am after going to bed at ~4am.. Usually I can't force myself out of bed, but now I even got restless and began to shift sides to lay at till I got enough of it and went up.

Was watching Howl's Moving Castle yesterday, it was a really great film, even if you aren't into anime or likewise I really recommend it.

Now I'm off to try out an awesome bass I found over here. I'll even post a pic of it.


20/5 Another day

Oh hai.
Today is/was like most other days. I woke up, went back to sleep and repeated that ~5 times till I got a call from a private number, which I didn't pick up in time.
Since then (9am) have I been.. abusing the bass, wrestling the cats that are in this home (no it's not my home) and fooling around on the computer.

In about an hour and a half I'm supposed to smile at a dinner in dedication to my mothers birthday and after that I've gotta work.
Since my work is on the exhaustion level of minus 10 I'll most likely sit there, get bored and end up putting anything with sugar in my mouth to ease the abnormal urges to lay flat on the ground and moan about how boring things are.