Monday, May 23, 2011

23/5 Time to get up!

Oh hai!

It's still morning for me and I'm eating breakfast as I write haha
Really took some time and effort into making this lovely sandwhich :P Thought I should share it with you aswell

You gotta admit that a sandwhich like this can save the whole day haha, with the apricot marmelade on top, hoho

Oh well, in a while I'm going to go meet a friend, might drink some tea and yum on a cookie. And after that it's work time for me.

I'm getting used to the sun now by the way :P



  1. Fuck you, I'm hungry as well... fuuu brb gonna make something nice to eat.

  2. I think the purpose of today's post is to make people angry. I see wat you did ther Sir!

  3. dude. what Kind of cheese? mozerrla? provolone? white cheddar? I have not tried cheese with jelly... might give it a shot, see if i'm missing anything.

  4. At this one I had a slice of "normal" cheese first and then mozzarella aswell ;o
    Sorry if I made you angry haha, but it was delicioous ;o So I had to post it

  5. I can't even quite tell what it is <.<. Maybe I am just confused. :P

  6. Good luck, have fun. I guess...

  7. Great, now I am hungry right before bed.. NOM NOM NOM!